Shared Parenting isn’t always easy, but it is the best way to ensure that your children’s needs are met and that they’re able to retain excellent relationships with both parents. Doing what’s best for your kids should be your most important priority. Here are 6 tips to help you handle shared parenting.

  1. Be positive about the other parent of your child.
  2. Attend all parent interviews and activities of the children.
  3. Allow your children to participate in activities chosen by the other parent, regardless of custody and visitation issues.
  4. Encourage your children to easily take toys, clothes and technology (e.g. iPads) between parents’ homes.
  5. Do not say or put in writing anything you would not want your child to read when they grow up.
  6. Try to arrange a weekly lunch or dinner, say every Sunday, so children can see their parents together.

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