Divorce spikes over summer

Summer is often a wonderful time to celebrate new beginnings with weddings and engagement announcements. However, it is also a divorce lawyer’s busiest time of the year. The end of year break is not often the reason couples separate, but it can be the final nail in the coffin. There are a few common themes I see from people separating during this time.

New year resolutions

As the new year ticks over, some people are looking for a fresh start. They may have been unhappy in their relationship for a while. The new year is often used as an opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and think about what you want to change going forward. For some people, that change is their partner.

Waiting until after Christmas

As the year comes to an end, some people approach a divorce lawyer to seek some advice before they separate. They may have decided that they want to leave their partner but if kids are involved, they will often wait until after Christmas. They may want to cherish one last Christmas together as a family before the parents go their separate ways.

The pressure of the holiday season

Christmas is supposed to be a time to relax. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. Financial worries, travel and spending time with each other’s family can be a pressure cooker for some relationships. Couples may experience more arguing during this time.