Divorce and divorce lawyers are always very busy at the start of the year and here are some reasons why:   


1. New Year’s Resolutions

Around the world, people see January 1st as an opportunity to analyse their lives. It’s a time to change the things that no longer make you happy, and sometimes that means a spouse or partner. If you decide in January to have an intention to apply for divorce, it’s likely that you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time but weren’t ready to make the decision.   


2. For the Children

Many clients come to see us before Christmas wishing to separate and get divorced but waiting until after New Year for the sake of the children. They do not want to ruin the children’s holidays.   


3. Finances

With all the money spent on presents and other expenses, including holidays, couples find finances to be tight and this cause’s further stress.   


4. Length of holiday and stress

There is usually a three week holiday or more for most families. This is the longest period of time the whole family will normally spend together without any of them working. This also can mean long periods with unfamiliar in-laws by one or more of the couple. Travelling can also add up to one or both spouses feeling tired and resentful.   


5. It’s very quiet

Most kiwi families are near the beach with plenty of time on their hands. It is an opportunity to reflect and plan for the year ahead. There is little news or activities normally of great significance other than sport at this time of year.   



For a combination of reasons, divorce and divorce lawyers are very busy in January. The longest holiday in the year in New Zealand makes it an important time to plan and reflect.   


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