Isla and Noah had a long-distance relationship for four years before Noah asked Isla to marry him. Noah been planning it for two years so had saved up for a princess solitaire ring which cost him $20,000.

Their relationship came to an end. They had different ideas about travel and starting a family. They were able to agree on the division of their relationship property, except for the engagement ring – Noah either wanted to get the ring back, or get half its value given to him.

Unfortunately for Noah, a gift to your partner that is for their use only becomes their separate property. In other words, the ring was for Isla to keep. It was a gift no she did not have to pay Noah anything for the ring.


Because of the personal nature of jewellery, in most cases it is likely that a gift of jewellery will be the separate property of the person who receives the gift. Therefore, it does not form part of the relationship property pool to be divided equally. The only exception is if you have a pre-nuptial contracting out agreement which specifies otherwise.