1. Avoid Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Try the provinces instead where there are more opportunities in divorce law.
  2. Work in your home town/city.
  3. Volunteer in a law firm or related occupation.
  4. Work as a Court Registrar, personal assistant or legal assistant anywhere.
  5. Use your contacts, particularly social media to find out where jobs may be.
  6. Contact divorce law barristers (see Divorce Law Section website familylaw.org.nz). Most divorce lawyers work on their own as barristers and won’t advertise for any junior staff even though they would normally welcome the opportunity.
  7. Work in a Community Law Centre or volunteer at your local Citizens Advice Bureau.
  8. Maximise your family, friends and contacts of other students who you were at university with.
  9. Ring rather than email lawyers asking for a job or a chance to volunteer or intern.
  10. Don’t give up.
  11. For larger firms, jobs are advertised on their website. You can get a directory of all lawyers in New Zealand from your local Law Society and the cost is about $50.00.  Jobs are also advertised when you are dong professionals through IPLS, College of Law or the number one jobs website called ‘Seek’.
  12. Some barristers or firms will use specialised legal recruitment firms to place positions, particularly for a legal secretary, legal assistant or graduate roles. Having an interview with an agency is no guarantee of obtaining a successful job, however, it is another tool that could land you your first position.