Q.  My husband and I are separating after seven years together and we are in the process of splitting our assets. We met in the UK and moved to NZ about four years ago to get married and settle down. We own a house in NZ with a large mortgage. My husband also has a flat in London which he bought soon after we met, as well as a UK pension and bank account, all in his name. He told me that he isn’t legally obligated to share any of the overseas assets with me. I thought all our assets had to be split 50:50. I have lived in the flat in London and think of it as mine too. I helped with the renovating, decorating and managing it once we started renting it out, so it would be unfair if I couldn’t share in it. Is what he is saying correct?


In this NZ Herald Ex-Files article, I discuss how overseas property is treated in a separation.