Significant Cases

Jeremy Sutton is one of the most senior divorce and family lawyers in New Zealand. He is highly-respected in the profession and his opinions are often sought by the media. Jeremy has over two decades experience representing clients in Court and has worked on a number of significant cases.

Smith v Brown [2016] NZHC 2326


Jeremy acted for Mr Smith and successfully defended a Hague Convention application lodged by the central authority having returned from Spain to live in New Zealand with his two children.

The case involved three defended hearings over a period of over two years. Two of those cases were heard in the Family Court and the third one in the High Court. It is rare to be successful in defending an application for children to be returned under The Hague Convention.


Jeremy left no stone unturned and his strong advocacy and direction contributed to a successful result for his client.

Constructive Trust Cases


Constructive Trust cases are difficult because the law is uncertain as to the amount a Court will award a claimant where the family home is in a family Trust and that Trust was set up before the relationship started. To establish a successful Constructive Trust claim, normally considerable skills in forensic ability including discovery are required to obtain a good result for your client. These types of cases often end up going through the Courts or a lengthy negotiated settlement.


Jeremy continues to act for a number of claimants and respondents in such a situation. Jeremy has successfully obtained significant compensation for clients where the family home is owned by a family Trust before the relationship has commenced. Jeremy has also achieved practical outcomes for clients in some cases to avoid lengthy Court battles.

Some of these cases are completed and others are still going through the various Courts.

MLA v AVW [2012] NZFC 8640


This was a Family Court hearing on whether to set aside a Relationship Property Agreement between the parties. The issues involved whether there was serious injustice in the Agreement but more particularly since that Agreement was made. This is a challenging area of the law.


Jeremy fought tenaciously to uphold the Agreement and the circumstances around it for his client.

Vaihu v The Attorney General [2008] NZSC 19


This is a civil case under the Bill of Rights Act. It was one of the first cases under Section 9 of the Bill of Rights Act where Mr Vaihu who was alleging excess force by the police in respect of a police dog.

The case spanned  five years over five Courts ending up in the Supreme Court.

Care of Protection Case (non-publication)


This was a three-week hearing under the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act. The particular issue was dealing with the relationship between the criminal and family law in relation to disclosure and also how evidence was to be presented. The psychologist had sought to introduce evidence from the criminal trial that she had obtained.


Jeremy was successful in challenging the way the senior specialist report writer presented their evidence including the cross-examination of that evidence.

This resulted in significant evidence being excluded to help change the focus of the case. Jeremy has developed a specialty in the interaction between family and other areas of the law, including the criminal, family and the cross-over with the other areas of the law.

Google Reviews

My husband and I recently used Jeremy to help with a custody issue from a previous relationship. Jeremy was great to work with, highly skilled and professional, and achieved our desired outcome. Communication was great, especially as we live overseas and had a difficult time difference to work around. Jeremy and his team were fantastic and we highly recommend.


Having a complicated relationship come to an end, I had initially used another law company to undertake my settlement. Unfortunately, this company let me down on many aspects. After spending a considerable amount of money and almost 12 months of back and forth litigation, I had gotten nowhere close to a resolution. I found Jeremy Sutton online and did my due diligence. After engaging with him, I felt much more confident that a solution could be met promptly. Communication was great, and I knew where we were at every stage of the matter. Unlike the first company I used, Jeremy was easily reachable and gave me the clear options I had available. His focus was more on a settlement than litigation, which is what I wanted.
A settlement was reached and I was able to move on with life. Overall a great experience on something that is far from a pleasant situation. I highly recommend using Jeremy Sutton.

G Joyce

Jeremy is an experienced ‘down to earth’ lawyer. He has empathy to your situation and understands your wants and needs. He gives good solid advice with no BS. He drills right down to the issues that mater most. He is easily contactable and always has the end result in sight, even in some cases it can take months to achieve.

Don Graham

Jeremy Sutton is both bright and sympathetic – in other words he gets what is needed and is mindful of the clients needs and considerations. He is a pleasure to work with – his approach is refreshingly quick, positive, and the advice clear and helpful – if only all professionals were like that !
I had the pleasure of interviewing him on the radio and he was impressively open, fast with his ideas and incredibly helpful – any using his professional skills will be blessed with the association – he brings confidence to an otherwise “difficult time!”

Annabelle White

Jeremy and his team have been wonderful, professional and always available to answer any queries. Jeremy is trustworthy, caring and very knowledgeable; no doubt the best in his field! His approach is always honest, clear and in your best interest. Highly recommend Jeremy and his lovely team.

Sarah -

I am going through the legalities of separation now. Some of the process has been tricky and has been made longer by the actions of the other party. I feel totally supported working with Jeremy. Jeremy assesses people and situations skillfully, providing expert knowledge and advice in a straightforward way.

Alice Gostelow

I found Jeremy Sutton excellent to work with to support and conclude a complicated separation process I had been working through. Jeremy provided pragmatic and informed advice, was very proactive and always available. Jeremy explained options very carefully and for me a lot of the stress associated with the wider separation was removed knowing I had such good support. Jeremy was respectful of the wider context throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy’s services.

Chris Boalch

A partner of 17yrs decided to end our relationship wanting 50% of assets accumulated by my late wife and I over a period of 30 years married, mainly our family free hold home.
Jeremy and his team were able to get a more realistic settlement with in the terms of the law, saving the family home and other valuable assets.
The relationship law can be extremely unfair and is in need of urgent review.
Kelvin Hawke

Kelvin Hawke

I am a professional colleague of Jeremy and have talked to him on a number of occasions about family law issues. I have found him knowledgeable and helpful in sharing his experience. From reading his publications I would have no hesitation about recommending him for family law advice

Chris LaHatte

Jeremy Sutton is wonderful to work with, he is not only an incredibly competent, sharp and helpful individual but he has the ability to really see the person before him. I have had only positive experiences with him.

Katarina Hejrskov

As a lawyer, I’ve worked with Jeremy on relationship property matters and have always appreciated his pragmatic and honest approach to advising clients, based on his considerable experience. And even when we don’t have matters together, being able to pick up the phone and sound out a problem with Jeremy has been invaluable.

Renika Siciliano

Jeremy has being excellent to work with and have provided accurate and professional advise , along with being supportive during a very difficult period . If you are experiencing an acuminous relationship property division , I recommend Jeremy and his team

Dean Hewetson

I have attended a few of Jeremy’s seminars. He is succinct and he gives very useful tips of the trade. He is also very generous with his time answering post seminar questions.

Kenneth Koo

I interviewed Jeremy for a news article. The information he gave me was clear, concise, and on point – he really knows his stuff. I’ll definitely be back in touch next time I need more info on finances and divorce!

Eleisha McNeill

Jeremy and his team are wonderful to work with. Jeremy himself is patient, kind, prompt in his responses, and clearly very knowledgeable.


My recent dealings with Jeremy regarding client referrals for marriage separation.

I found Jeremy to be very professional, with years of expertise in family law.

Jeremy’s approach has always been honest and practical advice together with clear and direct communication – all in a timely manner.

He is kind, reassuring and compassionate whilst achieving the best outcomes for clients.

I highly recommend Jeremy as your divorce barrister.

Audrey Billington

Jeremy provided me with valuable and practical insights with recommendations for my marriage separation… he made this stressful process looks easy. Highly recommended.

Franck R

I know Jeremy through professional development organizations and know him to to passionate and diligent about providing ot just excellent legal services, but also about providing an excellent client experience as they navigate through a difficult and often painful personal difficulties.

Sam Byrd

Let me be another to sing Jeremy’s praises but he is as good as everyone says. Jeremy was recommended to me by my solicitor, as I needed legal help with the financial separation of my 30 year marriage, through Mediation. I felt absolutely supported by Jeremy and his team, every step of the way, either in person, via email or a phone call when required. Tissues and water were always on hand, when required!

Nicola Jeffares

Sam is a Chartered Accountant and works with Jeremy with valuation and Section 15 Economic Disparity reports for relationship property purposes. Jeremy is fantastic to work with and I have been impressed with his negotiation skills at mediation. Jeremy concentrates on a limited number of key clients and he is there for them when it counts.

Sam & Judith Bassett

I am impressed with Jeremy’s great personality and professional skills. He is a such easy to work with . Much grateful to have him on my case.

Jessica Harborne

Jeremy is great to deal with, he is very professional and responds very quickly to queries and provides comprehensive support and guidance.

Regan Higgie

Brilliant family lawyer. Invaluable advice and support through a tough process. Highly recommended

Richard Bullock

From start to finish Jeremy and his team have been a pleasure to deal with. A wealth of knowledge whilst providing professional and impeccable service Jeremy is someone you can trust. He’s efficient, empathetic and honest and really does care about the outcome of you and your family. Definitely the person you want to have on your team in what is often a traumatic and stressful time. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Thank you Jeremy!

Ame Boutsady

I found Jeremy to be very professional and he had great knowledge. Jeremy contacted me within 24 hours of contact. Great service and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Douglas Jones

I completed the Resolution Institute Mediators training and accreditation with Jeremy during 2019 and subsequently have formed a collegial relationship to support each other in our work. Jeremy’s commitment and care towards his clients and those he works work is admirable. He is always up for a challenge and generously shares of his knowledge.

Jo Yearsley

Jeremy and his team were able to respond urgently when I found myself suddenly dealing with complex international matters relating to children and was always easily contactable when needed. He has a wide breadth and depth of experience in family law matters and is able to offer practical advice to clients who are often dealing with a very stressful experience within their lives. I would recommend that you consider Jeremy should you require advice regarding family law matters.

David Tancred

Jeremy Sutton is a colleague of mine. A skilled advocate, he has tailored his practice to the needs of those with complex matters. I am very familiar with Jeremy through our professional interactions and he is always innovative and demonstrates careful attention for every client.

Raiford Palmer

Outstanding lawyer. Forward thinker. Innovative business person. Met thru legal business development. I would be talking to Jeremy first if I needed divorce services.

Jack Carney-DeBord

Jeremy is a colleague of mine with a fabulous website that you should really check out! You’ll find it has lots of valuable and timely information.

Charmaine Panko

Jeremy answered my emails the day I sent them and was keen to help me find a lawyer specialising in the area related to my case.

Heather Jenkins
Jeremy Sutton and his staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. When the restrictions allow us to meet, we will require proof of vaccination prior to the meeting. All other meetings will be conducted via Zoom.Click here to learn more.