Separating from your partner can be an emotionally and financially stressful time. Could moving back in with your parents after separation be a good solution?  



  • Support – Parents can provide emotional, financial and physical support to help get you through this difficult time. Living with your parents’ means there is always someone around to talk to or ask for advice. Their unconditional love and support can help motivate you to get back on your feet and focus on getting stability back into you and your children’s lives.

  • Cheaper – Living with your parents means a lower cost of living. Separation and divorce can be expensive so saving money on rent will help reduce financial pressure.
  • Stronger relationships – Increased contact with your parents can mean a stronger relationship for both you and your children.
  • Less friction – The other parent is familiar with your parents and knows you and your children are not living with a new partner. This can reduce conflict between you and the other parent.



  • Tension – Going from living in your own house to being around your parents’ everyday can be hard. Different views on parenting styles and household management can lead to tension.

  • Taking advantage – It is easy to settle in and take advantage of your parents and their home. For example, they end up becoming your babysitting service.
  • Lack of privacy and independence – Both your privacy and independence are compromised as your parents will want to know the details of your whereabouts and you can’t do and say as you please like you did in your own home.



  • Establish goals and plan for the future. Set a specific time frame for when you will move out.
  • Don’t forget you are a guest – Show appreciation and help around the house. This will help reduce conflict.
  • Lay out ground rules before moving in – For example, house rules, who will do the grocery shopping, how the bills will be split and child care.
  • Look after your mental health – Maintain a social life, make time for yourself and retain your independence.


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