To help you plan your separation, we’ve put together our separation checklist. Following these steps will ensure you cover all aspects of your separation and are well-prepared.  

  1. Complete our Relationship Property Questionnaire.
  2. Decide will you stay in the family home?
  3. Agree who pays the mortgage on the house, insurance, maintenance and other outgoings.
  4. Consider the joint bank account – consider freezing accounts.
  5. Change your password on joint email accounts and get your own new email address.
  6. Be careful on social media.
  7. Review health and insurance policies.
  8. Agree debts to be paid by each party.
  9. Get support from family and friends and tell work mates if necessary.
  10. Keep up your exercise and good food. Treat yourself occasionally.
  11. Remove your name from any vehicle, utility or card that you are not using or have control over.


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