Clients who have a pre-separation consultation feel more prepared for events that may arise. And preparation is key!   Here are 5 key reasons to make a pre-separation consultation:

  1. The consequences of leaving any relationship are huge, and there are many reasons to stay in the home until childcare and property matters are sorted.
  2. A lawyer can advise you on your rights and options, including estimated cost and time frame.
  3. Treat the meeting like a health check; it is one off and information gathering. Ask for resources and tools; you may want a referral to a counsellor or another professional. Or know what might happen to your rights to your children.
  4. The legal process can be overwhelming; if the lawyer has done their job and is the right one for you, you will likely feel relieved and a lot more informed after the meeting.
  5. Come to the lawyer with a list of questions. How can you protect yourself now for the future? Do you have joint accounts? Do you know the financial details of the other party? Ask the “what if” questions.

If you have concerns about separating or if you’d like to find out more about separation, get in touch with our office.


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