Court Representation

Jeremy has achieved successful outcomes for his clients in the Family Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

If your case progresses to Court

Couples end up in Court if they cannot reach agreement.  This is usually because one party refuses to engage in reaching an agreement or there is high conflict between the parties.

The issues raised in Court often include disagreements about what is to be classified as relationship property and how property is to be valued. Usually, there are trusts and businesses are involved. Another common scenario is where there is an uneven balance of power, and one party is financially advantaged and the other financially disadvantaged.

If your case progresses to Court, it can be a long and arduous journey and you will want to know that you are in safe hands.

Jeremy has been successfully representing his clients in Court for over two decades. He works with experts whose opinions are respected in Court, including valuers, forensic accountants and psychologists.


Jeremy has successfully represented clients in Court on the following matters:

  • relationship property settlements
  • constructive trust cases
  • compensation claims against a trust
  • setting aside a Relationship Property Agreement
  • matters relating to the care of children
  • Hague Convention applications
  • defenses to Hague Convention applications
  • hearings under the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act
  • cases under the Bill of Rights Act

More information on the significant cases Jeremy has acted in can be found here

Jeremy Sutton has a strong moral compass, he shows empathy and compassion. He is sound, fair and always direct. Separation is not an easy journey, but he is able to guide you through the legal process. Jeremy will call in experts in other fields, where needed. You will find yourself in safe hands with him and his team.


I knew nothing of Jeremy until I randomly heard him on the radio. What caught my attention was his willingness to provide practical advice, and to help ordinary people find their way through those often daunting legal processes. When I contacted Jeremy, he proved to be approachable, obliging, and happy to offer options for dealing with the matter at hand.


I found myself in the unenviable position of needing a lawyer to negotiate a messy break up and be able to see my kids again. Jeremy was not only the only lawyer willing to take my call on a weekend, but the end result was all I could have asked for. Both Jeremy and every member of his team were consummate professionals and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. A+, 10/10.


Jeremy Sutton handled the separation with professionalism and sensitivity. He was able to guide the dealings with all the parties involved quickly and concisely and made a potentially difficult situation manageable and amicable. I appreciated that he was there to answer all my questions, structure the fees so that I knew what I was to pay and to keep that within my means and was upfront with the whole process from beginning to end. The end result has left myself and my ex-partner on good terms and I am financially secure for my children’s future.


Jeremy is highly professional, knowledgeable and empathetic. He listens and is responsive to challenging situations, being proactive when necessary. His communication is effective. His advice is sound. Jeremy is incredibly supportive in his guidance through the process and knows how to level the playing field and keep things moving. His expert contacts are the best too.

A difficult time when you need the best around you.


Jeremy acted for a family member’s compensation claim. We have found Jeremy to be a passionate lawyer who strives towards achieving a favourable outcome for his clients. Through previous experience, I feel a good lawyer needs to have excellent communication, honesty, willingness, listening skills, and have the experience behind them to be able to work towards achieving a positive outcome….Jeremy exceeded expectations and delivered! Thanks Jeremy.


Jeremy was my second opinion and was recommended by a friend. I found Jeremy and his team’s straight talking , no nonsense approach was just the ticket in helping me make informed decisions at what was a very difficult time. I would like to thank Jeremy Sutton Law for their hard work and would highly recommend their service to anyone seeking legal advice around separation.


In the time I have worked with Jeremy, I have found him to be pragmatic yet empathetic to his clients’ needs. Jeremy’s professional, consistent and dedicated approach serves his clients well from the start of separation to the final stages of divorce. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking a family lawyer, as he possesses a superior level of knowledge and skill that clients require to navigate their way through a separation.

Danielle Turnbull, Divorce Coach (NZ)

When I was at a tough point in my divorce proceedings my sister came across Jeremy’s website and words cannot express how truly grateful I am. I was very happy that he was so willing to take on my case at such short notice. I have nothing but the best to say about Jeremy – he has been absolutely phenomenal. From the very first meeting I knew that I could completely trust Jeremy — he was compassionate, personable, experienced and knowledgable. I never thought that my worry, anxiety and stress could be illuminated in a two-hour meeting. Jeremy told me what to expect from the outset and how he was going to proceed with my case. I felt protected, at ease, and supported throughout the whole process. Jeremy always made insightful and reasonable proposals for me to review and consider. Being a great communicator, he helped me when I felt overwhelmed and took his time to explain things to ease my apprehension. At no time did I feel pressured by Jeremy and never did he suggest I make a decision about anything that wasn’t in my best interest. We had upfront discussions about costs, which were fair and reasonable.

Jeremy Sutton and his staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. When the restrictions allow us to meet, we will require proof of vaccination prior to the meeting. All other meetings will be conducted via Zoom.Click here to learn more.