Collaborative Practice

Jeremy is a trained Collaborative Professional and current member of Collaborative Resolution NZ.

Jeremy is a trained in the Collaborative Process. He can represent you in relationship property disputes, including where there are significant assets such as trusts, businesses and multi-property portfolios.

What is Collaborative Practice?

The Collaborative Process is an alternative dispute resolution process. It is intended to keep your matter out of court. If you choose to follow the Collaborative Process, you and your partner will commit to working together with lawyers who have been through the Collaborative training program.

Instead of resolving the dispute through lawyers’ letters, a series of meetings will be set up. The Collaborative Process involves a series of focused meetings where information will be exchanged. You will explore options for resolution and create options in a supported and respectful way.

Benefits of Collaborative Practice

  • Control – you have control of the timing of the process, the issues for discussion and its outcomes.
  • Cost Effective – Collaborative Practice costs less than Court and is often less costly and more efficient than negotiating through lawyers’ letters or other processes.
  • Simple – face to face meetings and the ability to address issues directly.
  • Personal – your issues and resolutions are based around the unique interests of you and any children you may have.
  • Out of Court – an important part of the Collaborative Process is the threat of Court is removed from negotiations.
  • Informed problem solving – full disclosure of facts and information occurs (just as in any other dispute resolution process) and your professionals guide you to use that information within a problem solving approach.
  • Respectful – you and your partner may no longer get along but the Collaborative Process supports you in creating a respectful atmosphere.
  • Positive outcomes – respectful negotiations and dealing with your specific, future interests means more positive, longstanding and achievable outcomes for you and your family. Outcomes are usually far more bespoke and creative than could be achieved through a positional, adversarial negotiation through lawyers or Court process.

More information

For more information on Collaborative Practice, visit the Collaborative Resolution NZ website –

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Jeremy Sutton and his staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. When the restrictions allow us to meet, we will require proof of vaccination prior to the meeting. All other meetings will be conducted via Zoom.Click here to learn more.