1. Start talking about Christmas arrangements early

You and your ex-partner should have started discussing your arrangements for Christmas Day already. It is however not too late to start. Getting onto it early will allow for any disagreements to be settled before the 25th.   These details should be agreed upon:

  • Who has the kids at what times of the day?
  • Any travel arrangements.
  • When your kids will see grandparents and other extended family members.
  1. Do not ask your children to decide who they want to spend Christmas with

This puts far too much pressure on them. However, if they are old and mature enough to decide for themselves without feeling like they have to choose between their parents, then they should be allowed to make this decision.  

  1. Christmas is not about you, it’s about your family and your children

It may seem fair to you that both parents see their kids on Christmas but this may not be in the best interests of your kids. For example, if your children would have to spend hours in the car on Christmas day in order to see both parents. In this case it might be best that Christmas day is spent with one parent and Boxing Day is spent with the other.  

  1. Presents should be organised together

Regardless of your relationship with your ex you should both be collaborating on what you are getting your kids for Christmas. Do not let it turn into a competition. If you are thinking of getting a big present for them then split the cost between you and your ex-partner and say it is from both of you.  

  1. Let your kids know what the plan is

Once you and your ex-partner have reached an agreement tell your kids what is going to happen. Make it clear that both of you are completely happy with the arrangement. This will ensure that they can fully enjoy Christmas without worrying that one of their parents is missing out or is unhappy.  

  1. On the day

Keep to the agreed schedule – this will help things run smoothly and avoid any inconvenience to the other parent. If you can’t be with your children on Christmas you might be able to take advantage of technology. Organise a time for you to call or Skype your children, you could even make a short Christmas video for them to unwrap and play on the day.   If you would like to hear more on this topic, catch me this Wednesday evening on RadioLIVE.