Q: My ex-wife and I separated last year. We met when I was living in London and we relocated to New Zealand about 10 years ago. Ever since we separated she has talked about going back. She has asked if she can take our 12-year-old daughter to visit her family in the UK for Christmas. Usually I would be fine with that but there are thousands of new cases of Covid-19 every day so it doesn’t feel safe. I am worried she may go even if I say no. Can I stop her?

Answer: International travel or relocation is a guardianship decision that must be made jointly between a child’s guardians. Your ex-wife cannot unilaterally decide to take your daughter to the UK, temporarily or permanently. If you do not consent there are steps you can take to ensure your daughter is not removed from New Zealand.

Resolving a dispute between guardians

Consider whether there are conditions under which you would be comfortable with your daughter travelling to the UK. You could give your consent provided those conditions are met.

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