Buying kids a phone

Q: My husband and I split up recently. We have two young children. My eldest, who is turning 10 next year, has said to both of us that he would like a phone for his birthday. I am against this, as I believe he is too young and that he has no need for a phone at this age. My husband believes he should get what he wants. Can I stop my husband from giving my son a phone? I believe it will not be good for him and that he will be healthier without one.

Smartphones are not going to disappear anytime soon; 45 per cent of the world’s population own one, and 67 per cent of people own a mobile device (this includes iPods, iPads, and other tablets.) The important question for any parent is “when should my child get one?”

This is a difficult decision for any parent and being separated only makes this discussion harder. You and your ex-partner may have different ideas about what is best for your children.

In this NZ Herald article, I provide some tips on how to resolve this dispute between separated parents.