1. Delay

You are the weaker party and without access to the assets. Your case has dragged on for months or even years and the legal bills are rising.   This calls for assertive action to bring matters to a head. I am talking about applying to the Family Court and having a serious talk to your lawyer.   You may be able to switch to legal aid or your lawyer may let you pay the remaining legal bills at the end of the case.  


2. Bullying

You are the primary carer and have been home since the young children were born. Your ex keeps saying that they will go for 50/50 care of the children, but they have little contact with them now. The 50/50 shared care is not going to happen as your partner is not available or capable at the moment. This talk is threatening, upsetting, verbal abuse and again needs a firm hard to stop.  


3. Transferring assets to another country or mystery accounts

This will normally be seen by bank statements or other documents. Keep an eye on all documents. This could take a long time and you may need the help of an accountant or other professionals.


4. Withdrawing large sums of money from accounts just before separation

This is common and needs to be examined. Your spouse could have thane an expensive overseas holiday You need to speak to a specialized divorce lawyer early to protect your rights.  


5. Credit card and other excessive spending

Generally it is a good idea to close joint accounts as soon as possible after separation, unless they are essential expenses like the mortgage. Take legal advice at an early stage before things get out of hand.


“The information posted on this website is prepared for a general audience, without investigation into the facts of any particular case. This information is no substitute for legal advice and does not create a lawyer-client relationship; you are advised to consult with a lawyer on any legal issue.”