Advice - March 2017

Starting A Relationship


Relationships of longer than three years duration are governed by the Property Relationships Act which requires assets and debts to be split equally by both parties if they separate. Couples can...Read More

Services to Other Lawyers


Lawyers in other fields recommend us to their clients for specialist family law advice. In fact we are proud to say that many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers. We also provide...Read More



Separation is often a stressful time and people have a lot to consider in splitting relationship property and care of children.   Frequently Asked Questions Do we need to record our...Read More



Many of my clients visit me at the outset of their separation to get information and advice on a range of issues. These include asset division, spousal or child support costs and child...Read More

International Family Law


We handle international parenting and custody disputes, child abduction cases (governed by the Hague convention), Habeas Corpus cases and child relocation. We also represent clients in New...Read More

Financial Issues


There are a number of financial issues that can arise in a separation. Reaching agreement as to what is separate vs relationship property Settling relationship property, including...Read More

Family Protection


Under the Family Protection Act, a family member can challenge a will on the grounds that they were not adequately provided for in the will. We assist clients in family protection claims and...Read More

Elder Law


Often it is a time when people want to make sure their legal affairs are in order so they can relax and enjoy their retirement. We can help you with the following issues: Disputed wills and...Read More

Spousal Maintenance

News Spousal Maintenance

This arrangement is to assist the party who cannot meet their own reasonable needs at the time of separation. It is a temporary arrangement, until that party is able to support themselves again....Read More