Advice - May 2015

Family Court


The Family Court is a division of the District Court, aiming to help families resolve issues while ensuring the interests of children are represented. Jeremy Sutton is experienced in handling all...Read More


News Separation

For assistance with pre-separation and separation agreements, contact our legal team. Jeremy Sutton can assist in drafting a separation agreement that covers the day-to-day care and contact of...Read More


Media News

Jeremy Sutton, specialist divorce law barrister, is a leading authority on divorce in New Zealand, often asked by local media to comment on current issues. You’ll find Jeremy’s latest radio...Read More

Father’s Rights


In a separation or divorce situation, parents are encouraged to reach a parenting agreement around the day-to-day care (custody) of their children. If you and your partner are unable to agree,...Read More

Spousal Spying


At times during your divorce law case it may be necessary to secure the services of a private investigator to spy on your spouse. Find out more about spousal spying here or contact Jeremy...Read More

Child Custody

Child Custody News

Child custody issues are rarely simple and generally require legal advice in order to ensure your rights and those of your children are protected. To make the best decisions possible for your...Read More

Trusts and Property


When a relationship ends, there can be disputes over trust property. This includes trusts created both prior and during the relationship. There may be issues around whether it is really a trust as...Read More



For a clearer understanding of the tax implications in a divorce situation, seek legal advice and guidance from specialist divorce law barrister, Jeremy Sutton. You’ll find a number of useful...Read More

How Does The Process Work?

Divorce News

There are two options for settling financial matters with your partner.  By agreement – parties come to an agreement themselves, often with assistance from their lawyers but without involving...Read More